9 Tips On How To Select The Perfect Office Chair

By admin September 8, 2019

Perfect Office Chair

Furnishing an office space can be exciting.

It presents an opportunity to express your business identity in a place where employees and customers meet daily.

However, it’s not as simple as picking items out of a catalogue. There are many factors to take into account before you choose the right furniture for your specific workplace.

In this blog, we share our professional advice on how to select an office chair that works well for your environment. Not only will these guidelines help to beautify your commercial space, but they’ll also ensure that everyone enjoys comfort in the process!


Tip #1: Start By Taking The Office Chair Users Into Consideration

Your first step is to think carefully about the people that the office chairs are meant to cater for.

A call centre agent might not need the same type of chair as an advertising creative, for example.

You need to consider how often they sit in the chair if they have a computer in front of them, the type of desk they have and how they’re positioned in the office before you buy.

Here’s an example from a recent project of having the right chairs for the right situation.

Tip #2: Sufficient Back Support Is Imperative

A core element that should influence your decision is the back support offered by an office chair.

You don’t want to cause posture and health issues for your employees and customers. Back support lies mostly in the design, height and shape of the chair’s backrest. The right chair could be anything from a backless one to a mid- or high-level backrest.

Try out different types that may suit your particular office space.

Our Excite Task Chair comes with additional head support offering greater comfort.

Tip #3: Check If Part Of The Chairs Can Be Adjusted In Isolation

Speaking about sufficient support, this differs for everyone.

People are built in a variety of ways. Someone who’s short and doesn’t have back issues will have different requirements to a tall person who suffers from back strain.

The ability to adjust office chairs helps to cater for the broad spectrum reasonably. Whether it’s the seat’s distance from the floor or the back height, it helps to have a level of control over the chair’s features

Tip #4: Ensure That The Seat Is Padded For Comfort

Another crucial element is how the chair is moulded. Make sure you choose a design with comfortable padding that can withstand continuous use.

The point is to go with a good quality product that’s comfortable for anyone who uses it.

Tip #5: Explore A Variety Of Material Options

The type of material used to make an office chair affects the support it can provide.

The most common ones are mesh and upholstered – each with their pros and cons.

The former is modern and can be adjusted to a great degree, while the latter is more stable and suited for users with back problems.

Tip #6: Get Seats That Accommodate Everyone Comfortably

Workplaces will always have people that vary in shape and size.

It doesn’t serve anyone to choose a small bucket seat that lacks in thigh and leg support.

However, the seat can’t be so large that it pushes against the back of the knee. It’s important to find a good balance to ensure that anyone who takes a seat will receive the right amount of support in this regard.

Tip #7: Take Into Account If Users Require Arm Rests

This element is entirely dependent on the type of work being done in the office.

For spaces where users need to read a lot, arm rests might be useful. Where people don’t sit at their desks all day, they’re probably not needed.

However, adjustable armrests are a good in-between to manage changing needs.

Here we can see different office chairs based on the task being completed.


Tip #8: Match The Height Of The Office Chairs To Your Desks

Office chairs must complement the desks. This contributes to creating a comfortable space that is conducive to getting work done. Checkout our best quality office furniture.

Don’t go for low chairs if the desks are placed high, or vice versa.

Go for a reasonable match. It’s even better if the chair height can be further adjusted for individuals. Check out our latest collection of commercial office furniture in Brisbane.

Tip #9: Test The Chairs That You’re Considering Personally Before You Decide

A company can say one thing about their office furniture but deliver something else.

Make sure that you try each option out first. You can even take a few employees with you and run a survey. The proof is in the pudding.


As you can see, there’s more to choosing the perfect office chair than meets the eye.

Real people will have to sit in those chairs.

Whether or not they’re comfortable and productive will depend on your ability to think ahead while shopping around. These tips will show you how to select a quality office chair that carries them with ease.

You can start your search at Infinity Office Furniture for office chairs with all the qualities mentioned above and more.

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